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Ms Senior Arizona Pageant Rules and Regulations for Entry Into The Pageant


For the Ms Senior Arizona Pageant, contestants must abide by the following rules and regulations as prepared by the committee for the state of Arizona.

All contestants will be required to participate for the year in promotional photos, advertising, TV, radio and other guest appearances as needed. This will be outlined in detail in the following paragraphs.

A. Contestants must be 60 years of age or older (The Age of Elegance), and are eligible to participate regardless of her employment status. She may be a professional or an amateur.

B. Contestants must be a resident of Arizona for at least 3 months prior to the state contest. Any woman working in the area for more than 3 months is considered eligible.

C. Contestants must be a citizen of the United States.

D. Ms Senior Arizona title holder will not participate in any other pageant related competition during her year of reign and she understands it will mean forfeiture of her local, state and national appearances

E. Contestants are required to participate in all scheduled rehearsals and Pageant events.

F. All appearances and promotions or advertising during the year of reign will be scheduled only by the Pageant Director. Future schedules will be coordinated with the Director as well, if it relates to the title.

G. No contestant can have any modeling agency or talent agency schedule or accept any ads, promotions, or commercials for Ms Senior Arizona for the year of her reign, except by prior approval from the Pageant Director.

H. If the title winner should be disqualified or unable to carry out the responsibilities of her reign, then the first runner-up will assume her duties and responsibilities and assume her title. Second, Third, and Fourth runners-up will be considered in that order. That person will represent the State in the Ms Senior America Pageant.

J. Contestants must be of GOOD CHARACTER AND HAVE THE QUALITY OF "Inner Beauty" in her lifestyle. She must possess and display talent in a talent routine not to exceed 2 minutes 45 seconds, which may not include film, fire, animals, or another person.

K. Each contestant is to be furnished with the same type of lighting, mikes, script introduction, and facilities as received by all other contestants while competing for the State title.

L. Contestants must furnish the Pageant Director with a completed application packet.

M. A contestant may have a total of three (3) opportunities to enter the Ms Senior Arizona Pageant and compete for the title.  Only two (2) of these entries may be in consecutive years.

N. Contestants will be required to participate in any photos, personal appearances, promotions, commercials, and interviews as arranged by the Pageant Director.

O. Winner is expected to participate throughout future years with the pageant and participate each year in pageant activities.

P. Contestants will not be accepted for the Ms Senior Arizona Pageant if they have participated in an alternative Senior Pageant in the past 24 months within the state of Arizona.

Q. Contestants will not be eligible to compete for the Ms Senior Arizona title if they have previously been a senior representative or title holder for another state or for another senior pageant system.