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Ms Senior Arizona Pageant Judging Protocol

Pageant Judging Protocol

1. Scoring System

The Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant follows the Ms. Senior America Pageant Scoring System. We want our contestants to compete in an environment that most closely follows the National Pageant environment.

Each category is judged individually by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10 only. More than one contestant may receive the same score in any category. All scores for each contestant are added together for a composite score in that category. All categories are judged independently with no regard for scores in other categories.

The judging categories are weighted as follows:

Interview 30%
Philosophy of Life 20%
Evening Gown 20%
Talent 30%

The highest 5 combined and weighted scores will comprise the Top 5 contestants.

2. Ties

In the case of a tie
The first tie-breaker will be the Talent Score
The second tie-breaker will be the Judge Interview Score
The third tie-breaker will be the Philosophy Score
The final tie-breaker will be the Evening Gown Score

3. Winner

One final question will be asked of the Top 5 contestants and the judges will then be asked to rank these contestants 1 through 5. The contestant with the highest consensus (#1) will be crowned the Queen.

4. Judges

The Ms. Senior Arizona pageant will have a panel of five (5) judges.

Our judges must be completely independent. They will not have any interaction with contestants prior to the pageant. Judges are not allowed to discuss scores at any time, including after the pageant is over. Please do not ask any judge for this type of information, they are NOT allowed to give advice or any indication of scores or rankings in this pageant.