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Ms Senior Arizona Pageant - About Ms Senior Arizona  

Ordinary Women = Ladies of Elegance

From the time I was a small child, I have admired anyone who would perform on stage. Everything and anything from a high school play to a Broadway show, you have to give them credit for just being up there in front of an audience. Talent varied from one production to another, but they all had the same genuine desire to entertain.

I even gave it a try myself, with some small parts in my high school's musicals, and as a dancer with a local folk dance group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My most shining moment was the part of the "Bird Woman" from Mary Poppins.  (Remember ...I said small!) It was the beginning and end of my singing career, but it was a thrill to be up on stage, looking out at the audience.

Several years ago, I became involved with the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant on the sponsorship side of the event. As I got to know the pageant directors and contestants, my admiration grew. They are ordinary women. They are exceptional women. They are unique and wonderful women, all talented in their own way. I was hooked from the first rehearsal I attended.

Even though they all looked great in their evening gowns, and the talent portion was entertaining, what I admire and remember most about these ladies was their positive attitudes and their philosophy of life. They are incredible role models, with a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, and talents. They represent women from all around Arizona in the best possible light. For all their differences, they all share a zest for life and an interest in helping others.

To be a participant in the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant, a lady must be 60 years of age, an Arizona resident for at least 3 months, and a U.S. Citizen at the time of the contest. She must be able to compete in four judging categories:
philosophy of life, evening gown, talent, and interview with the judges.

The Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant is an opportunity to present a positive image in the community and the state. Sponsorship opportunities for the Pageant are available.

Click Here To See Current Sponsors

For contestant applications or sponsorship information, please call the pageant office at 602-788-9556

A new Ms. Senior Arizona will be crowned on a Saturday Evening in March. Please see our TICKET INFORMATION to purchase tickets.

So mark your calendars now! You will be as impressed as I was with these ladies. Remember, these are not super models or celebrities, but real people. It could be your wife, mom, sister, or grandmother up there on the stage. Be there to support them and help them celebrate their life. Some of my favorite moments from the last two pageants have been watching the friends and families of the contestants cheer them on from their seats. I may never get to play my fantasy role in Phantom of the Opera, but I know if I can follow their lead, someday I too will reach "The age of Elegance"

By Robin Colagrande