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Ms Senior Arizona Pageant - About Ms Senior Arizona  

Being a Queen is "No Big Deal"

Believe it or not, I actually said those words. After the dust had settled and I regained consciousness from the shock of winning the pageant, I realized that being Queen was no small task ........

It was a big deal. I had taken on many responsibilities. I not only became Arizona's Senior Queen 2015, but their ambassador, spokesperson and representative.

Now, many eyes are focused on "Me". However, who am I? The person that I am? Or the way others wanted to see me as?

I was not a diva. I was not self-centered. I carried no airs about me.

I was real and humble and was ready to welcome everyone with open arms.

Yes, I had won a crown, which was part of a "decoration", but my heart and soul had not changed.

Would I be able to project to others what I was all about - I certainly hope so.

The journey as Ms. Senior Arizona 2015 was great. Many warm memories come to mind: Meeting new friends; being part of a wonderful sisterhood forever, singing throughout the Valley at VA Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities was very rewarding; participating in state-wide Lovin' Life Expos.. what fun! Riding in parades in open convertibles where children and adults waved and blew kisses will always provide a rich memory; and I could never forget the fashion show...what fun that was.

Last but not least, the Cameo Ball was fantastic..... I felt like Cinderella. How lucky was I to feel so special? All of these memories and experiences will be forged into my memory forever. In all honesty, I didn't and still don't want to wake up from these dreams and be an "Ole Queen". On the other hand, I am so pleased that we will be crowning a new queen in March of 2016 and I firmly believe she will also have the wonderful experiences that I was so honored to have.

Now that the next phase for me is near, I must pass the crown to someone else for them to carry out our belief: That women of our age, who have reached the "Age of Elegance" will continue to contribute because we still believe that we are the Fabric and Foundation of Society.

Many thanks to each and every one of you!

By Jessica Klebanow - Ms. Senior Arizona 2015